Migration Services


Datametrics offers quality migration services to global clients.
For corporate systems we offer comprehensive packages that cover all aspects of migration i.e. application re-engineering, implementation of new systems, data migration and training.
For high-tech companies with products on older or legacy technologies, we offer migration packages to newer, open technologies. Moving to open technologies offers better integration with other vendors and ensures significantly faster acceptance of the products in the market. Specifically, the migration services include:

Operating System (OS) migration

Porting existing applications from one OS to the other. For example, porting applications that run on Macintosh to run on Windows. This also includes migrating from older versions of the same operating system.

Technology migration

Includes migration of existing systems from one technology to another, for example moving from a RMI model to a pure EJB model.

Application re-engineering

Rewriting special modules of existing systems or changes to ensure that the systems are more compatible with other vendor systems. Implementing new exchange interfaces.

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